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Welcome to APLThailand.Com

APL & SONS Co., Ltd. is a professional services firm in Thailand. We have a team of professional accountants providing a full range of accounting outsourcing, auditing, bookkeeping, company registration, corporate secretarial, internal audit, tax compliance, tax filing, payroll outsourcing and other business advisory services in Thailand.

Accounting Service

Package A – APL Gold

Accounting Service Fee - Starting From 5,000 Baht a Month
Suitable for Small to Medium Size Business

Scopes of our services

  1. Preparation of monthly financial statements including details (Thai & English)
  2. Preparation of monthly tax reports and submission of taxes

Free Payroll System Management Service
Free Preparation of reports and submission of Social Security
Free Consultation of tax planning to comply with related law and regulations
Free Submission of annual financial statements

Registration Service

Package A – Registration
Business Registration Fee 11,990* Baht
Free Tax I.D. Registration
Free VAT Registration

Auditing Service

Package A – APL Gold

Audit Fee - Starting From 12,000 Baht
Suitable for Small to Medium Size Business

Scopes of our services

  1. Perform an audit in accordance with Thailand's Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  2. Perform a test of transactions using a risk-based audit approach
  3. Evaluate the appropriateness of Accounting Methods and Estimates used
  4. Evaluate the appropriateness of Financial Statements's Presentation and Disclosure
  5. Render an audit opinion on the Financial Statements

Free Accounting and Tax Consultation Services
Free A Management letter summarising material controls and accounting procedures weaknesses