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A PLUS ACCOUNTING CO., LTD. is a professional services firm in Thailand. We have a team of professional accountants providing a full range of accounting outsourcing, auditing, bookkeeping, company registration, corporate secretarial, internal audit, tax compliance, tax filing, payroll outsourcing and other business advisory services in Thailand.

The firm has been assisting local and international companies with their business needs since 1995. Today, we continue to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of integrity and quality with its staff as we understand that each and every client, regardless of size is unique and our aim is to provide a service to our client which is personal, friendly and professional.

With our team of professionals, we are best placed to add value to our clients' business at a reasonable cost. Our professionals are able to deliver informed and timely advice that helps our clients achieve sustainable and superior business performance, and effectively communicate this to stakeholders. In the long term, we aim to become your business partner. Our service culture combined with our cumulative knowledge translate into innovative solutions to help promote the growth of your business.


A PLUS ACCOUNTING CO., LTD.  aims to provide you with the best services by striving always to exceed your expectations of the value for money and by anticipating your needs, ensure timely service delivery, and performing our responsibilities with thoroughness and integrity. 

With our one-stop shop concept , we provide our client with a full range of professional services from preparation of accounts to payroll management - all through only one of our accounting professionals.

We specialised in assisting small and medium size companies in their growth. New start-ups or companies wishing to concentrate on their core business can outsource all their financial and accounting functions to our business outsourcing services group. You can therefore avoid the need to employ full-time personnel normally required to carry out their duties.