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Audit Promotion Package

Audit Fee - Starting From 9,990 Baht
Suitable for Newly Set Up Business or Dormant Companies

Scopes of our services

  1. Perform an audit in accordance with Thailand's Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  2. Perform a test of transactions using a risk-based audit approach
  3. Evaluate the appropriateness of Accounting Methods and Estimates used
  4. Evaluate the appropriateness of Financial Statements's Presentation and Disclosure
  5. Render an audit opinion on the Financial Statements

Free Accounting and Tax Consultation Services
Free Annual Financial Statements Submission
Free Corporate Income Tax Submission
Free A Management letter summarising material controls and accounting procedures weaknesses

(Contact us now before 28 Feb 2010)

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One Stop Service By Professional Team at Resonable Price
Accounting Service Fee Starting from 5,000 Baht
Accounting Service Fee - APL Platinum Package Starting from 9,000 Baht
Business Registration Services Starting from 9,990 Baht